The Process of Turning Your Junk Vehicle into Cash is Easy

At Cash 4 Cars Inc, we offer cash payment for your junk vehicles.  We pride ourselves on quick and friendly service, easily removing your vehicle, in most cases within a thirty-minute time frame, after you contact the office.  We make the process super easy to remove and provide recycling of junk vehicles from your property.  Get to know the simple process we go through to help you get rid of those unwanted vehicles below.

Contact Us to Sell Junk Car for Cash

To begin, you will need to contact our office about your unwanted vehicle.  Our junk experts will then help by providing an estimate and setting up a time for us to pick up your vehicle the same day.  During the buying process, we ask a few questions as there are restrictions that do apply to our cash payments and removal of the junk vehicle from your property. With these questions, we will be able to determine if your vehicle can be purchased by our company. After this determination, we will then proceed to the next step in deciding how much cash we can pay for the vehicle in question.

Determine the Price We Pay

With our sophisticated computer system, plus the knowledge of our experts, we will configure the price we can pay you for your vehicle.  We guarantee that you will be provided with the top cash for your junk car when compared to what other scrap yards will pay!

Once you have accepted our offer, we will schedule a time to pick up your vehicle.  You are not required to drive the vehicle to our facility.  We never charge for towing, so you never pay us to remove your unwanted vehicles!  This makes the process that much easier for you to get rid of an undesired vehicle on your property.

Instant Cash in Your Pocket

When we arrive, our team will load your vehicle and you will be paid immediately.  There’s no hassle with back and forth with negotiations.  The amount has already been determined and decided on before we come to get the vehicle.  We pay you cash for your unwanted vehicle and remove it from your property as quickly as possible.  The process is over and you’re free of the unwanted vehicle.

Contact our office today to get the process started at 585-482-9988.  We are ready to help you remove any cars, trucks or other unwanted vehicles from your property and get cash in your hand sooner than later!

The Process of Turning

Your Unwanted Vehicle into

Cash is As Easy As 1, 2, 3…


Step 1:

Start by calling our office at 585-482-9988 or emailing us through our website’s secure contact page to get your free quote.


Step 2:

Once we have agreed on a price, provided by our experts and the technology they use to determine value, we will schedule an immediate pick up of your vehicle…and tow it for free!


Step 3:

We will come to your location, pay you cash on the spot for your vehicle and remove it for free. Since we’ve done the negotiation ahead of time, there’s no back and forth hassle. It’s that easy.

Get in touch by phone at 585-482-9988 or write to us in confidence through our secure contact page.